The Statue of Liberty
Location Liberty Island, NYC
Hard Cost $2,500,000
Client National Park Service Historic Registry: National Register of Historic Places

Kramer+Marks Architects was asked by Kalimex to make modernized improvements to the 123-year old national icon for the National Park Service.  We were asked to evaluate the existing conditions and design safety elements that would bring the staircase as close to current code standards as possible, while being sensitive to the historical fabric of the statue. The work focused on designing new glass and stainless steel handrails, guardrails, and landing protection.  Everything had to be designed and built with materials all made in America, and in place for the July 4th, 2009 re-opening of the crown platform of the nation’s most iconic monument. The crown had been closed to the public following the events of September 11th, 2001. All work (design and construction) was accomplished with only a sixty-day time frame.