At Kramer+Marks Architects, we believe all of our architecture must be sustainable.

We work to ensure our projects generate an increase in energy efficiency and economic use of resources. By implementing best design practices and utilizing quality products, we have been able to execute projects sustainably while maintaining affordability. Our finished products are healthy, productive buildings that are cost effective to both operate and maintain. We firmly believe that accurately defining the current and future needs of our clients, assisting with site selection, and advocating for thoughtful spatial design all actively contribute to reducing the negative impact of the built environment.

Our commitment to sustainable design is evidenced by the various green certifications our projects have received, e.g. LEED certification, Energy Star certification, Green Communities, Green Future. Kramer+Marks has LEED Certified professionals on staff, as do most of our consultants. Additionally, we are members of the Bucks County Sustainable Building Alliance and the Delaware Valley Green Building Council, two groups dedicated to upholding sustainable principles in our region.

This dedication to sustainable partnerships with our clients has allowed us to complete several sustainable projects, including new construction and rehabilitation project types. As sustainable designers, Kramer+Marks has overseen the largest gut rehabilitation project in the country to receive LEED Gold certification, as well as one of the first LEED Certified Affordable Housing developments in the City of Philadelphia.